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Job Opportunity

¡¡¡¡Somagic Inc.now has a team of excellent specialists, and our talent pool is fast growing. We provide competitive training ,salary and benefits, comfortable working environment and significant growth potential for employees. We advocate open communication, teamwork, equality and innovation.
¡¡¡¡If you would like to join our core technical team to build a great company together, please send your resume to hr@somagic.com.cn. Please also indicate the position you apply for in the email subject. We will process your application and arrange an interview promptly

 Position: SW Testing Engineer¡¢Embedded Design Engineer¡¢AV SW Design Engineer¡¢
¡¡ ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ Device Driver Design Engineer¡¢PCB Application Engineer¡¢HW Engineer¡¢
¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡HW FPGA Application Engineer¡¢HW Verification Engineer¡¢HW RTL Design Engineer.
 Device Driver Design Engineer (3~5)¡¡Recent College Graduates(1~2)  
 Require£ºQualifications: Candidate should have
BS degree or equivalent in EE/CS/CE.
Familiar with C/C++;
Have the ability of English reading;
Working actively¡¢initiatively, fervidly and hard-working;
Have the ability of communication;
Have the ability of written expression;
Prior consideration: Familiar with Computer system structure and operating system principle;
Experience in driver program¡¯s practical development under Windows or Linux operating system; Good ability of re-learning.
 Working Experienced (1~2)  
 Require£ºQualifications: Candidate should have
BS degree or equivalent in EE/CS/CE;
Over 2-year experience in multilayer PCB design;
Familiar with at least one PCB design software¡¯s operating and skill (MENTOR¡¢CADENCE¡¢CADSTAR¡¢POWERPCB¡¢PROTEL), can make detailed routing regulation;
Know the technics¡¯s requirement of PCB fabrication and welding;
Familiar with the packaging of component, the basic solution of circuit board EMC/EMI;
Familiar with all the requirements in high speed and analog PCB design;
Teamwork spirit, good ability of communication and learing;
Can guide or train on related PCB technology;
Prior consideration: Familiar with video products and high speed routing
 PCB Application Engineer (3~5)¡¡Recent College Graduates(1~2)  
 Require£ºQualifications: Candidate should have
BS degree or equivalent in EE/CS/CE;
Have the ability of English reading;
Have the knowledge of digital circuit, analog circuit and HF circuit;
Have the ability of communication and expression;
Good learning ability;
Teamwork spirit, Strong sense of responsibility;
Prior consideration: Familiar with the knowledge of circuit, all kinds of usual components;
Experience in analog circuit and digital circuit related design; Familiar with the desigh of using protel, powerpcb¡¯s software;
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