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  Somagic Inc. is a semiconductor company founded in January 2004 in Hang Zhou, China. Somagic is committed to research and develop USB DTV Controller IC、PCIE Controller IC、SATA Controller IC, and all application softwares.
  Our DTV Controllers integrate our API software and support multiple DTV Broadcast Systems (DVB-T、ATSC、ISDB-T、 DMB-TH) and FM Broadcasting Systems. Somagic DTV Controllers receive TV Video Streaming and Audio Streaming on PCs and Notebooks. All users can watch DTV on the go at any moment. Somagic¨s DTV solutions are going to bring convenient, high quality and low cost multimedia experiences to all their users, and it makes the dream of watching TV everywhere a reality.
  Somagic Inc., as a technology innovative company, has an excellent and professional engineering team. The founding team has many years of R&D and management experience. With advanced, professional technology and powerful market ability, Somagic aims to become a leading IC design company in the world.
  Somagic Inc. is committed to deliver best products and services that meet customer values.

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